Cosplay Workshop «LoveCraft»
The first cosplay workshop in Russia, which opened in the library
Cosplay festivals are now extremely popular, people are willing to travel great distances to get to some popular festival, and even more effort to make an original costume. In Moscow alone, this hobby has about 40,000 followers. Cosplay, like all pop culture, is closely connected with literature as such, so I decided that it belongs to the library. In may 2019, I became the first one in Russia to open a cosplay workshop in a regular library.
The very first workshop participants in their natural habitat
To organize a club, I had to go to a trick. I didn't have anything, but I needed participants, teachers, and equipment. Then I decided that I would pretend that I already had it. I wrote an announcement that I was going to open a fully equipped cosplay workshop in the library and told them that it would have everything necessary for work, and most importantly — it would be free. I published the post in social networks in the largest cosplay communities in Russia and the effect was incredibly positive: people reposted, expressed delight in the comments, and complained that such a cool project is done in Moscow, saying that all the coolest gets to the capital's residents.
The funny thing is that my fantasy began to make its own way to reality: how equipment, volunteers and teachers appeared from the air
Guys from all over Moscow call me with ato offer help in creating a workshop, they offered their equipment, knowledge and just support, and I willingly agreed. Thus, the workshop project was born by itself. Later, I had a couple of meetings, we came up with a name, drew a logo, wrote the rules for using the workshop, and the project was completely ready exactly one month after my publication.

We named the workshop after the English writer — Love Craft, and at the time of the opening we already had 3D printers, an airbrush, a CNC router, grinders, sewing machines, and even an industrial overlock. Right away, we launched weekly workshops for beginners and created our own community in social networks.
After a couple of months, the cosplay workshop project won the city competition and received some funding for development. We spent money on the purchase of additional equipment and the creation on a cosplay mastery course. The course consisted of 10 lessons, and only 10 people took part in it, but even this is a serious breakthrough for the market, because it was impossible to find anything like this even for money. As a result of the course, a very strong team of cosplayers was created, which in 2020 began to prepare for performances at major festivals in Russia and abroad.
What are the features of the project?
Passionate leaders
At the moment, the cosplay workshop has three leaders — two masters (a seamstress and a craftsman) and an administrator, who is also a cosplayer. The people themselves involved in the project, and also talented in their areas of activity — they create for the participants exactly the space for inspiration and cooperation.
Community management
From the very beginning, I created the basis for the project -- a cosplayer chat, where we found the necessary resources for the development of the project. There are currently 150 people in the chat now. This is a very lively place where people share experiences, look for like-minded people and just chat. We try not to restrict the chat in any way, so sometimes it seems that there is a real chaos.
The principles of sharing
Workshop participants bring their own tools and equipment so that others can use it too. Absolutely free. Of course, before you take any tool -- you need to ask permission from its owner, but the range available to participants greatly simplifies life. The result is a very united democratic community.
Specific Information
Producer: Rogovenko I.
Curator: Romanova A.
Masters: Kuzina O., Biletkin. N.

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The beginning is the most important part of the work