ilya rogovenko
cultural events
public spaces
digital projects
social media
More than 500
events made
$ 46 000
money raised
500 000 views
best result for a content
8 years
in culture
Selected projects:
online poetry slam platform
ССЫЛКА (ssilka)
streaming / social media / poetry
2020 April-June
200 poets

During epidemic we launched streaming platform and gathered the brightest young poets in Russia.
• Project coverage: 500 000 views
• 24-hours poetry maraphon record
• Digital tools and social media
online festival
The Colour of Magic
streaming / social media / fantasy
2020 April
Russia's first online festival of fantasy, magic and sorcery for sir Terry Pratchett's birthday
• 22 online events during festival
• 55 000 views total coverage
• 1000 likes in the most popular stream
literary festival
Max Frei's
event / social media / fantasy
2020 March
The Max Frei's Festival lasted all Sunday from 12 to 20, and was attended by more than 600 people. For the guests, we have prepared: master classes, lectures, competitions, board games, a small grocery corner with snacks and drinks, inspired by book. On an improvised stage — performances of folk groups, near — dancing, mostly medieval.
I launched this Festival in Saint-Petersburg in 2017 and it still continues to be held. In 2020 it moved to Moscow: biggest venue, largest audience.
Biggest festival for originally russian literary universe
Cosplay Workshop
Love Craft
public space / education / geek
2019 May
The first cosplay workshop in Russia, which opened in the library
• 2 000 followers in social medias
• 150+ active members
• 30+ items and tools free to use
• 200/month people flow
There is mastery course consisting of 10 lessons. First course was totally free for all members, but all the following became paid, but fee is totally affordable.
I have been working in the library industry for 7 years, making the projects have no analogues in Russia. I know how to raise funds, create successful teams. If you need a cultural breakthrough, I'm your man.