One More Episode
Discussing TV series with smart people live
Even before the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, I was actively interested in creating live content in social networks. My colleagues and I launched a show «One More Episode» in the fall of 2019 that invited smart people to talk about popular TV series. Of course, we tried to select series based on a literary work, because our first task is to promote and popularize reading.

It looks like this: in a studio with blue walls, two people are sitting — a guest and a host. The host (if possible, the same one) represents the guest, it is usually a journalist (film critic or critic) or researcher, they watch the trailer of the series discussed, and then discuss the plot and details of the series for an hour. Answering questions from the audience, the expert tries to reveal unusual details of the topic of conversation.
A charismatic host is 90% of the success of this type of show. We were lucky that the absolutely amazing Alice Romanova worked in the library, who agreed to be the host. Before each broadcast, she helps the editor create a script, get acquainted with the subject of the conversation.
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There is a lot of preparatory work for each episode. We prefer to plan several issues at once, which form the seasons. Two seasons have been released so far. Before each season, the editor selects the series, then searches for experts who can be invited and arranges with them to participate. We don't pay any fee to any of the experts, all of them participate only for the love of art.

When the date and topic of the broadcast are determined, the editor writes the script, this process takes place in close contact with the invited guest, often the host helps, contributes her ideas. The task is not easy: to keep the viewer's attention, and at the same time not to violate the format of the program: for all about everything — 1 hour. It often happens that everything is not discussed in time, part of the time is consumed by the answers to the questions of the audience, they are always in the first place.
Specific Information
Producer: Rogovenko I.
Curator: Yavtseva A.
Host: Romanova A.

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