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«Link project»: poetry broadcasting live
Poets and their Art VS Coronavirus
The epidemic of the coronavirus made us all to stay home. My team found this a source of optimism, because now all talented people are forced to go online, which means they are accessible at the click of a mouse. We decided that the Internet would become a platform for self-expression of poets from all over Russia during the quarantine period. We launched such a platform and gathered the brightest young (and not only) poets in Russia.
500 000
views (user covarage)
There are many different formats of "Link-project", but let me describe the most classic one. Several poets (6-8 people) gather in the online room at eight in the evening. The live broadcast begins, the host announces the poets, they read their poems, and in the chat with each other and respond to the comments of the audience. On average, this broadcast collects 50-80 thousand views.

The show lasts no more than two hours, and it has become a tradition to end the show with a musical performance. The show has its own regular audience, it is possible to send a questionnaire and get into one of the publications of the show: we attract not only famous, but also aspiring poets.

The project itself began in the capital, although poets from different cities took part in it, but then poetic communities from different parts of Russia joined and began to organize their own online shows within our platform.
Now the project is ongoing, attracting more and more different participating cities. However, we are constantly experimenting with formats and the last achievement we are proud of is a poetic performance. Although it turned out to be quite short, only 15 minutes, at the moment it is the most popular broadcast of our project, almost a hundred thousand people watched it. In the near future, we plan to organize a full-fledged online performance, which will take place entirely in a virtual room, and the participants are sitting at home in isolation.

By the way, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the full version of the performance below. Please note that the performance was completely live!
What are the Features of the Project?
This is our response to the coronavirus epidemic and we are immensely proud of the result
Network promotion
We came up with a technology that allows you to organize an event even for the most inexperienced user. A training seminar is released. However, we are ready to take on the technical part. The only condition is the use of the the brand of our project. Thus, we have a federal-scale action.
Live broadcast only
Everything happens here and now, this is a principled position. Yes, communication problems are often arise, because different regions of our country have different possibilities for connect, but it is important for us that these airs reflect the isolation period as it is: with interference, sometimes with obscene language, with raptures and fears. Therefore, we can call this project sincere.
Variety of formats
Initially, we planned to collect only poets on the air. Then we modestly added musicians, and other organizers started joining us. Someone suggested storytelling, someone to debate, someone is discussing a movie. It turned out that the Link project's format allows you to implement almost anything and also it is convenient.
Specific Information
Producers: Rogovenko I.
Promotion: Mikulinskaya E.
Curators: Yavtseva A., Savlovich D.

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