Online Festival
«The Colour of Magic»
Russia's first online festival of fantasy, magic and sorcery for sir Terry Pratchett's birthday
My team was planning a small fantasy festival to celebrate Terry Pratchett's Birthday, and we decided that the coronavirus pandemic was not a good reason to cancel the event. After all, it can be organized completely online, which we eventually did: the five-day festival «The Color of Magic», which took place in April.
Sir Terence David John Pratchett is a well-known English writer in the genre of parody fantasy, known primarily for his multi-volume series of books about the Discworld universe. The color of Magic is the first book in the series. Pratchett is my favorite writer, and I previously organized a festival for his birthday, and that event was entirely dedicated to his books.

The festival was dedicated not only to Pratchett's books, but to magic and sorcery in its various literary manifestations. We focused primarily on social media fandoms, which were supposed to be our target audience. As a result, we put together a festival on the following literary universes: the Mediterranean (Tolkien), Harry Potter (Rowling), the Witcher (Sapkowski), Discworld (Pratchett) and even Doctor Who.

Initially, we planned a one-day mini-festival, but due to the epidemic, we had to change our plans a little: we extended the festival for five days to fit the entire program in the evening, when it is most convenient for people to watch. Our program is based on lectures about our audience's favorite works. The program was so tightly compiled that some events had to be held in parallel. Fortunately, all the events could be seen in the recording after the festival
Experimental formats
For us, the festival has become, among other things, a kind of platform for experiments. We tried both ways to work with online and here are some special formats we found (or rediscovered)
Fan fiction for the night
We invited professional readers to read popular fan fiction. At the same time, readers saw the text for the first time and they did not have the opportunity to prepare. It turned out to be fun and the authors of fan fiction were happy!
Online concert
The format is not entirely new, but we did it ourselves for the first time. The main feature, perhaps, is that the whole musical group gathered in one apartment, they prepared an improvised stage and it turned out very cozy!
Viewing the series
This is also not a completely new format, but it's new in libraries: we invited a Doctor Who fan community to watch a popular episode of the series and discuss it live. For everyone, this is just an unusual occasion to get together and talk about favorite show.
A little bit of cosplay
How can we do without cosplay at such a festival? We decided to organize a cozy lecture on how to make a cosplay out of everything that an anyone has in their wardrobe. Participants showed what kind of cosplay they do, and gave advice to newbies.
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Specialists from two teams — from Moscow and St. Petersburg — worked on the festival. Due to the fact that the festival is not tied to a specific venue, everything is carried out online, we decided to join efforts with any colleagues from any city. As a result, we managed to do more than we would try to do on our own, in order to attract more attention.
Specific Information
Producers: Rogovenko I. (Moskow) и Geraschenko E. (Saint-Petersbourg)
Promotion: Mikulinskaya E.
Curators: Lozovik E., Yavtseva A and others

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