My Other Projects
Here is a list of projects that I could not describe in a case format. In time, perhaps they will get their hands on it.
Teach How to Create Video Games
After the comics, we went further: we decided to create courses on creating video games in the library. We invited schoolchildren to participate, and two months later they learned how to make games and created their own prototypes on the theme of "ecology".

We were inspired by this experience and next year we increased the average age of participants, as well as the duration of the project. We also changed the theme, this time we offered to make games on the theme of "literary classics".
What is nice is that such projects start to live their own lives: informal leaders and volunteers appear in them, spontaneous projects are born and new teams are formed. These projects are no longer strictly courses for learning something, but may well be considered places of power for certain industries (comics or video games).
Stephen King's Festival
In addition to educational projects, I also did major events that attracted the maximum attention of people to the library. In 2017, we decided to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Stephen king by organizing a festival in his honor. We attracted craftsmen who made decorations based on the works of Stephen King and prepared an interesting program: lectures, master classes, quests, photo stands, and so on.

There was an eternal question about the promotion of the festival: we didn't have much time to advertise it in traditional ways, so we resorted to crazy PR. We found a cosplayer who made a costume for the then popular character Pennywise, just as the film was released on screens. Then they organized a PR campaign: Pennywise the clown walked along Nevsky Prospekt with a scarlet ball in his hands and scared passers-by. We got the media attention. As a result, the event was attended by twice as many people than we expected, even according to the most optimistic forecasts. My colleague wrote about this case in more detail at Princh:
Discworld Comes to Russia
Six months later, we decided to repeat the experience, but with Terry Pratchett, who would have turned 80 in the spring of 2018. We created a small organizing committee, where we invited fans of this universe from all over St. Petersburg and began to prepare the event. Very much in advance, for 4 months, we started a rumor about the Terry Pratchett Festival and it played into our hands: in February, the first publications began to appear. What's funny is that we didn't have time to come up with the content of the festival yet, but the news portals were already boldly did it for us, as if we had already prepared the entire program.

From new — we made the first quest using AR-tag technology from all libraries in Saint Petersburg. Quest was easy to play, all you need is smarphone and a little imagination, so many quest participants passed it completely.